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Preliminary consumption analysis and energy market testing (in order to determine current energy pricing for clients) is entirely cost free and obligation free for potential clients. JMp do this entirely at our cost and at our risk. This means, for any potential clients there is no downside to engaging with us. Once we receive a client’s energy bill and letter of permission (a standard form which permits us to obtain pricing on a client’s behalf), we negotiate with energy retailers and present back to the client an energy offer capable of acceptance:

• If the client accepts this offer, then fees are payable. These fees are always included in the pricing presented to clients; • If the client does not accept the offer, then nothing happens. The offer lapses and no fees are charged.

In effect, this is a cost- and risk-free energy pricing offer. Whilst we do generally procure savings for clients, sometimes the market pricing at that time doesn’t allow for any savings – so we cannot always guarantee 100%.

JMp is not receiving any financial benefits from the introduction, other than clients’ appreciation and loyalty.


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