Family Office

Our team is highly skilled in the complex expertise required to manage the financial affairs of affluent families. We work side-by-side with our trusted family office clients, providing a highly tailored and professional service with a human touch, to protect and achieve wealth today and for future generations.

We understand that family is everything, and that ensuring the smooth inter-generational transfer of wealth is critical to reduce disputes and protect financial positions. As your family wealth grows, we tailor our solutions to suit your unique circumstances, needs and objectives, applying our proud 30 years’ experience with some of Australia’s highest net worth families.


You will receive: 

  • Complete discretion and privacy

  • Defined purpose, vision and goals to suit your needs

  • Personal attention to implement your objectives.

Our expertise includes:

  • Governance

    • Accurate records

    • Strong reporting culture and promoting healthy family communication

  • Succession planning

    • Strategies aligned with your purpose, goals and estate planning

  • Investment management

    • Managing your service providers, banking and treasury to support your wealth achievement

  • Managing all relationships, relating to:

    • Private equity, introducing advisors for investment in private businesses

    • Family businesses, ensuring all shareholders interests are represented

    • Property transactions, finding and negotiating property purchases and appropriate tax structures

    • Administration and concierge services

    • Back-office services essential to the smooth running of a family office.

  • Philanthropy

    • Support to implement strategies around individual charitable donations

    • Establishing and administering private ancillary funds

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