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JMp Accountants – News 2019 financial year started with a bang! With Leila coming back from maternity leave, Dovi joining our team as one of our senior accountants and Joe becoming an income partner in the firm, we are getting bigger and stronger every day. In addition to the great staff members that we currently have, we continued our success in relation to the 2017 tax lodgement program with 92.5% of our clients lodging within the prescribed ATO timeframe. Considering we over 400 groups of clients, this is a great achievement!!

Insurance broking business: JMp Accountants recently took a 10% stake in an up and coming insurance broking business (Maynard & Barrett).

We have been working with our contact person (Kris Flowers) for the last three years. Throughout those three years we found Kris to be the best insurance broker (commercial insurance) ever (and we worked with a lot of them). Kris is a professional, diligent, honest and hard-working individual. When Kris mentioned to us he is keen to open his own firm, we were the first to support him with the understanding that the new business will look after JMp clients better than ever. Including fee for service options, reduced commission and refunds of rebates, we believe the world of insurance brokers doing the wrong thing by their clients is now over.

For disclosure purposes, Kris (and any of his related entities) has the right to the first $250,000 out of the net profits and the rest, if any, is distributed as dividends (90% / 10%). Please contact Kris ( or 0439 982 046) for a free review of any of your commercial insurances. Employment via JMp database Please remember that we have developed a software connecting between employees and employers (any industries) on our data base. Which means, any one of you (and your relatives) can advertise for employees or any individuals can advertise themselves (their CVs’) for employers to look at… FREE OF CHARGE. Please contact us if you are interested and we will send you a code (invitation) to get in to the system (which is by invitation only…). Get busy livin’, or get busy dyin’ JMp are far from being financial advisors as one can be. We will never give financial advice and we will encourage clients to seek professional advice on a regular basis. With the government making the ‘life’ of a SMSF (self-managed Superannuation Funds) much harder (it seems like it is a yearly issue now days and we are wondering what the hidden / not so hidden agenda behind it is…), clients recently have used a few service providers within our network which we would like to share with you. JMp does not receive any commission, rebates, kickbacks from any of the following service providers and we encourage clients to seek independent professional advice before making any investment decisions! For disclosure purposes I (Guy Biran) have investments in both Canaccord and SixPark. Canaccord for shares: Dean Smorgon Eliza McQuestin | Dealers Assistant | Canaccord Genuity (Australia) Limited

Phone Direct | +613 8688 9151 | Mobile +61 417 145 435 | Level 4, 60 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000 AUSTRALIA SixPark for managed funds: Ted Richards, Director of Business Development

696 Bourke Street, Level 2 Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia t. 1300 851 779 e. m. +61 425 705 323


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