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Will your partnership thrive?

The #1 reason why most business partnerships fail BY FAR is a breakdown of the relationship between the partners.


1. The ‘honeymoon’ phase. Too blinded by ‘romance’ and excitement of a new venture to even consider the possibility of a break-up.

2. ‘Head down bum up’. The warning signs are there…you know things aren’t right but you are too busy to do anything so ignore them and hope things get better – but they don’t. Not without a ‘time-out’ at least.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen many partnerships end badly and mostly due to inadequate thought and effort being put into agreements and actually understanding each other.

Not one of these clients saw it coming. They all entered into the partnership thinking everything was going to be ok. ‘It won’t happen to us’.

Peter Chico Jones – an Olympic Beach Volleyball coach brings unique and highly relevant insights into successful partnerships – how to build them and keep them going well.

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