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Trust your Trusted Advisor

Naturally, everyone follows the advice their accountant provides them. But how do you know if they are creating the best outcome for you? How do you know you’re paying the correct amount of tax, or you are working out of the right structure?

The answer is that you should be able to trust your Trusted Advisor (TA). At JMp, we aim to foster professional relationships where you have complete confidence that the advice we give is made with great knowledge of your business and goals.

We value our professional relationship with you for many reasons – one of them being the fact that the longer we work together, the better advice we can provide.

(On a side note: if an advisor is bad-mouthing another advisor to look better, stay away! Making someone else look bad is never proof of professionalism – actually the opposite!)

We might not be perfect – but we are perfect for you

A large part of this trust is knowing that we are experts in our field, and dedicated to ongoing professional development. This means we have the knowledge and the experience required to advise your business to its best capacity.

We work with hundreds of businesses on a yearly basis, all with different needs, and in different stages of development. And at JMp, we’ve created a team of professionals who are the experts to help your business grow. We have an in-house mathematician (Jow Zhao), a tax expert (Marc Grasko), tax managers (Scott Morgan and Adam Ogues), a business development manager (Aiden Elbaz), qualified CPAs, admin staff, and bookkeepers – all working to support you.

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