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The disease of overpromising and underdelivering

Professional service providers – including accountants – have a bad reputation for overpromising and underdelivering. Especially when they are trying to reel in a new client, or convince an existing client to use more of their services.

This isn’t necessarily malicious. It could be unintentional and with the best intentions – but the service provider ultimately finds it very hard to deliver their promised services in reality.

So how do people ‘get away with it’? Often because of the strength of the professional relationship; clients trust their service provider so don’t realise they should be getting better value for money.

Our best clients are a product of the overpromise-underdeliver cycle

In my many years of experience dealing with businesses at JMp Accountants, I’ve learnt that the best clients are those who understand the value of their Trusted Advisor (TA). Oftentimes, these people also happen to have been burnt by a previous accountant’s underdelivery of promises. Now they are ready for a transparent and proactive relationship with their TA – which is what we pride ourselves on providing.

But understanding the value of your accountant’s services is so important. It’s a professional relationship that you have to be prepared to invest time into to establish and maintain. Your accountant, given the time to gain an intimate and immense knowledge of your business, can give you a level of advice that is impossible from someone who only knows your basic information.

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