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Driving With No Dashboard? – Small Business Tip

Imagine you are driving to pick up your kids from school.  You are expecting to see your kids ahead, leaning over the school fence.  Was that a speed camera I just passed – how fast was I going?  What’s that?  Why has the engine suddenly cut out?  Oh great, and now there’s steam pouring out from under the bonnet.

Now imagine if all these happened as a complete surprise to you, because (now go with me) there is no dashboard on your car!  You have no idea have fast you are going, whether there is any petrol in the tank, or how hot the engine is running.  You are effectively driving into oblivion hoping that everything turns out o.k.


As crazy as this analogy sounds, it is exactly how the majority of people run their small business.  Just like you wouldn’t drive your car without a dashboard, you shouldn’t operate your business without a dashboard.

A dashboard for your business lets you quickly focus on key issues – such as cash balance, revenue, net profit, bills to be paid.  A dashboard is easy to setup and leads you to make better business decisions.  If you are one of the people in the majority without a dashboard, then email us at and let’s get cracking on getting one built for you.

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