Under its real Australia property transactions data matching program, the ATO has announced that it intends to obtain data from various State and territory agencies to be matched, regarding all Australian property transactions held from September 20, 1985.
The ATO aims to obtain data like:
  • Property details
  • Landlord details
  • Lease details
  • Rental bond details
  • Managing agent details
  • Property transfer details
  • Transferor’s details
  • Transferee’s details
  • Purchase duty and land tax details
  • Property subdivision details
  • Valuation details

If you have disposed of Australian real property on or after 20 September 1985 and you have not properly returned any gain as a capital gain after considering the above data matching categories,
please contact our office as soon as possible
as you are at heightened risk of being matched under the ATO’s real property transactions data matching program and potentially penalised and/or prosecuted.